Informal Drinks and Dinner - Macworld SF 1/9

1/9 - 6:30 PM

Pre Macworld informal drinks and dinner.

Thirsty Bear
661 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, Tel: 415 974-0905, ext 208

Please try to arrive at 6:30. I've made a guaranteed reservation.

Please RSVP in the comments and check back here for any updates.

Here's an expanded note for those who's like more info:

I've done four Meet the Vloggers events in Boston and one in San Francisco.

In Boston they have been a brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks and dinner. In San Francisco we met for drinks and dinner with the Current TV meetup.

Others vloggers have done more formal Meet the Vloggers presentations worldwide where vloggers get up in from of a room and present and teach vlogging. This gathering is not that.

Meet the Vloggers is not defined as presenting in front of an audience at an Apple Store, although a lot of times it is that. The name was created for the first Apple Store presentation but that does not define what it is.

Drinks and Dinner - Las Vegas - CES

Drinks and dinner during CES.

I'll be there on 1/7 and 1/8.

We'll firm up the time and place.

The New England Patriots will be in a playoff game on Saturday. Where's a good place to meet and watch together?

Update 2:
There are unconferences going on.

Unofficial CES 2006 Wiki

January 7th un-conference at CES wiki page.