Meet The Vloggers - SF June 9, 2006

San Francisco Apple Store
June 9, 2006
6 - 8 PM

Come meet the vloggers!

This is the line up:

Bill Streeter
Andreas Haugstrup
Josh Leo
Daniel Liss
Paul Knight
Jonny Goldstein
Carl Weaver
Steve Garfield
Brittany Shoot
Jan McLaughlin
Casey McKinnen
Chuck Olsen
Zadi Diaz
Erik Nelson (tentative)

How to Demo by Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson to be put smack in the middle of the program.

The SF Apple store will be having monthly Meet The Vloggers presentations. The next two being July 7th and August 11th and every 2nd friday after that.

Chicago - 5/20

We're doing a Meet the Vloggers event at the Michigan Ave. Apple Store this Saturday May 20 at 6PM.

Speakers will be me, Bill Streeter from LO-FI SAINT LOUIS, Richard from The Richard Show, Chuck Olsen from Minnesota Stories, David Meade from and the folks from Feedburner will be there with stickers!!

Tim Stotz from the Progrum will also be there (

And Mason Dixion from Motion Graphics Chicago, and Kelly from Kelly Belly will do a vlogging workshop at 3PM prior to the 6pm presentation.